Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Aggressive Seagulls at Logie Head

Went climbing on Wednesday at Logie Head with Andrew Smith who I went to Ceuse with last year. We didn't leave Inverness till 1.30pm so it was a late afternoon evening session, which worked out fine as the weather was so stunning that we got the sunset over the sea, and the sun made the cold wind bearable.

 Cullenary Delight - don't know what happened to the hair!

We did all the routes on Embankment 1 in the Scottish Climbs guide; Sea Urchin, Cullenary Delight, Poacher, Sunnyside Up and a solo of Sealink to finish. It's funny how the stars work at Logie Head - Cullenary Delight and Poacher get 3 and 2 stars respectively but Sea Urchin gets no stars and I always thought it was a better route... I found Sunnyside Up quite hard as well, just got really pumped I guess.

Soloing Sealink

We then went to try the routes further out towards the sea, I went to set up an abseil and almost stepped on a seagull nest, then got dive-bombed by the mother, and so I beat a hasty retreat back inland. In fact the whole of the embankment seemed to be covered in seagull nests so I guess the routes in that zone (ie. fallen star) might not be very enjoyable right now! So we did black hole and then some soloing just for the fun of it. All in all a very good day.

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Karolina said...

you're lucky that there was no seagull's poo involved :P