Tuesday, 3 June 2008

The Five Sisters of Kintail

Although not strictly climbing related, I went munro-bagging on Sunday, with my family before I jet off to Ceuse. We followed the route described in the book, only to find that a rather crucial footbridge had been destroyed in a flood, though this only meant about a further 1.5km walk.

We did the five sisters of Kintail, involving three munros and as you can see from the pictures it was pretty nice.


alpinedreamer said...

Nice pictures; looks like you had a fabulous day too.

I'm intrigued by your comment "not strictly climbing related". Do you feel you can only write about climbing on your blog? Or do you write only so that climbers will read it?

It's your blog. Write what you like! If others aren't interested, it's their lookout.

Keep writing! :-)

Karolina said...

oh! u were supposed to write 2 new notes, hm? so where are they?! :P 999